Long-term solutions and partnerships

Service 1st offers a thoughtfully tailored process that easily integrates with your existing work patterns.

We start with the essentials—great people with a deep understanding of the industry and a best-in-class management platform. Our experienced and professional staff partner closely with you for a seamless experience that delivers results on budget, on time.

We apply a simple but effective approach:

  • We work to know and understand your appraisal problems. By putting your challenges in clear focus, we can target our approach to providing long-term solutions to the critical areas that eliminate headaches and help you run your business better.
  • We deliver an unparalleled level of service. Our experienced appraisers serve proactively with accuracy, integrity, transparency and timeliness. This translates to appraisal expertise on-demand with faster response and turnaround times.
  • We put you back in control. With the most flexible, powerful, and compliant vendor management platform available, you gain full control of your appraisal quality and compliance from one simple and powerful web platform. We help you easily, seamlessly integrate at no cost.
  • We prepare you for the future. Because change is constant, we help you anticipate what’s coming and how it will affect your business so you never lose confidence in your appraisals.
  • We communicate with you every step of the way. From quality control checks to regular reviews to urgent or pressing needs, we’re here for you to help you and give you peace of mind.
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“We’ve had a fantastic experience with Service 1st. They are a top-notch appraisal management company that provides stellar customer service.”