What we do

Service1st, a part of Covius, provides independent, objective, technology-enabled appraisal risk management solutions for residential and commercial mortgage origination, quality control, servicing, default and REO asset management companies. Our capabilities include first and second opinion valuation services, including desk reviews, valuation risk analysis, field reviews, appraisal compliance review, occupancy verification services, AVMs and title search services and solutions.

Our business is serving your best interests

Service 1st specializes in providing independent, objective appraisal risk management solutions and extraordinary service in a complex regulatory environment for:

  • Banks and Mortgage Lenders at the point of origination
  • Quality control departments as part of their internal audit
  • Quality control companies who serve lenders
  • Due diligence and risk management companies who may qualify loans for  non-QM securitizations
  • Government contractors who serve the GSE’s
  • Servicing, Default, and REO Asset Management companies
  • Plus many other real estate and mortgage service providers

We partner with our clients to serve as an invaluable, long-term resource to keep you informed and in step, allowing you to focus on growing your business. Everything we do serves to improve workflows, reduce stress, and improve accuracy and confidence.

Lending professionals need reliable, accurate, timely valuation service solutions to help navigate ever-changing industry requirements. Unfortunately, post-mortgage crisis assembly-line service has become all too common.

Our service is your greatest asset.
Service1st was founded on the conviction that service is a differentiator. Our expert appraisal and title professionals are vested in our culture of service and have decades of experience serving the mortgage and title industry. Beyond the product solutions we offer, we believe it’s in how we offer these that sets us apart. In other words, the service we deliver is a solution unto itself.

When responsiveness, timeliness and integrity are tied to business outcomes, service is essential. Service1st customers know they can rely on us to provide fast, accurate results while ensuring integrity, compliance and reduced risk. Our clients know us to be highly accessible and resourceful with an attention to detail, and recommend us for our level of excellence.

Our philosophy

Service and integrity speak volumes
Risk never goes away. The need for independent, objective guidance has never been greater. The past decade proved that without independence, integrity falters. When the appraisal management and mortgage industries lack independence and integrity, they crash. Appraisal management companies bring stability to this space by ensuring appraisal values accurately support mortgage products, though with varying degrees of customization.

Service 1st delivers validation and integrity thoughtfully wrapped in a philosophy of customized service, quality and commitment that leads to lifelong partnerships. Our appraisal and title professionals help clients to confidently manage the risks associated with real estate valuation. We have the right procedures and people to satisfy regulatory requirements and exceed your expectations. We do it every time. It’s what we do. We invite you to experience it for yourself.

appraisal risk management

“We’ve had the fortune to work with Service 1st for nearly six years. The relationship has been an enduring partnership we’ve appreciated time and again. Other AMCs have come and gone for various reasons, but Service 1st has been our steady workhorse. We know they value the partnership, too, through their dedication and quality work.”